About KSB

What is Keep Southlake Beautiful?

Keep Southlake Beautiful is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit community organization. The purpose of this organization shall be charitable and educational. The Goal of Keep Southlake Beautiful, otherwise known as KSB, is to educate the citizens of Southlake in ways of preserving our environment and improving our community's appearance.

Keep Southlake Beautiful was formed in April of 1992 as a result of the Environment Task Force, which was born in July of 1990. In 1993, KSB became a Keep Texas Beautiful "Proud Community." The following July (1994), KSB received certification as a Keep America Beautiful affiliate. KAB has achieved many accomplishments in its young, growing states.


* 2005 - 2006 KTB Governor's Community Achievement Awards - 2nd place
(Population 17,501 - 25,000)

* 2005 - 2006 KTB Award of Excellence

* 2005 - 2006 KTB Silver Star Affiliate

* 2001 - 2002 KTB Governor's Community Achievement Awards - 1st place
prize of $85,000 Landscape Grant

* 2001 - 2002 KTB Award of Excellence

* 2000 - 2001 KTB Governor's Community Achievement Awards - 3rd place